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As the weather begins to get colder I am reminded on how using the wrong material for a decal can cause it crack. The main reason for this is the use of the wrong type of vinyl for the job which introduces vinyl shrinkage. Many decals that begin to crack after one season outdoors are made from what is called Calendered Vinyl. This vinyl made by mixing the material and then rolling the material through heated rollers until the desired thickness is achieved. The end product is great for flat surfaces but it tends to shrink over time due to the heated rolling process used to produce the desired thickness. This shrinkage it one of the main culprits for the cracks that can appear in window decals. The better suited material for window decals they will be exposed to the elements is Cast vinyl. This vinyl is produced by pouring the vinyl mixture over a moving sheet that is then dried in an oven. This process puts no external stress on the vinyl, like the Calendered vinyl experiences and because of this the Cast vinyl resists shrinkage much better. This simple choice of vinyl type can help keep you decal looking good year after year.